Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Umbrella Painting

Since Natalie's birthday, she has been opening about 1 present per week. I know, I'm such a mean mum! But this schedule means she is very, very happy every week when it comes time to choose another birthday present to open :)

This past week, she opened her umbrella art present from Mandy, Dan and Ava. After we opened it, Natalie happily hopped into the shower (sans clothes since the paint is non-washable) and finished painting the entire umbrella in one go.

Natalie just getting started with her umbrella project. She was really excited to be painting her own umbrella and was particular about picking which colors to use for each image.

Here is the finished product! She's only just begun to understand the concept of "coloring in the lines" which is perfect timing for this little project. You can see she tries really hard to color each image a separate color. Whenever she accidentally went out of the lines, she would look at me with concern and ask, "Is that ok?" (to which I always replied, "Of COURSE it's ok!"

She's also started to appreciate the use of multiple colors. I was kept very busy opening and closing the different colored paint tubs and washing the ONE paintbrush between color changes. I didn't mind, she was very patient, and she had a lot of fun :) She even sang little songs about what she was painting as she was painting it!

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  1. Wow, what a great little project! The umbrella is beautiful Natalie! :)