Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Puzzle

Another week, another birthday present opened. This time, it was a giant 40-piece puzzle! Clark and Natalie opened it on Saturday morning and spent almost 1-hour together completing. Natalie really enjoys puzzles and is actually pretty good at figuring out how to fit the pieces together with minimal help from Clark. Afterwards, we took some photos (see below) before cleaning it up. She did it again on Sunday :)

When Clark told Natalie to pose next to the finished puzzle, she immediately pulled a little stool over and sat down behind it (by herself).

Smile! We snapped a few shots and she jumped off the stool excitedly and said, "I want to see!"

Here's another angle of Natalie and her work. She's very patient when taking photos now.

Clark asked Natalie to lie down next to the puzzle so we can show everyone how BIG it is. We thought she would be smaller than the puzzle, but she keeps surprising us with how long (tall) she is! She is definitely not a baby anymore.


  1. Wow, good job Natalie. She also sits properly too like a lady with her legs crossed. :)

  2. That's a big puzzle! And Natalie you are such a good girl waiting to open your presents each week!