Friday, July 30, 2010


We recently installed a landline phone located low to the ground (at Natalie's height) in the living room and Natalie has found a new love. She LOVES the telephone! She is the first to pick it up when it rings screaming "I get it! I get it!" as she scrambles to get there first, and wants to talk to whoever happens to be on the other line.

Here is
Video 290 of Natalie chatting (mostly in Cantonese) with Por-por while lounging on her little sofa and a blanket. Normally, she has to squat next to the phone to chat, but on this occasion, Clark helped to set up a very comfy "chatting" area for her. She also likes to sing songs into the telephone.

Now that she's on summer vacation and has more time at home, feel free to call her any time for a quick chat!

Natalie lounging in her little sofa while chatting.

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  1. hahaa, ok, what is your home number? will get summer to call!