Thursday, July 8, 2010

Enthusiastic Nat

Although Natalie is still very shy when out with other people, when she is home, she is very energetic and enthusiastic! Below are some recent videos taken from home:

Video 286 - In this video, Natalie is jumping off the sofa and being caught by Clark. They played this game for about 20 minutes (until Clark was sweating!) last weekend and she loved it! Great exercise for her, too :)

Video 287 - Here is Natalie counting puzzle pieces as she returns them to the box. She can confidently count to 10, but after 10, she starts to make up her own numbers! Her favourite? Eleventeen, twelveteen...

Video 288 - Yesterday, I came home and Natalie immediately started singing... a mandarin song! She attends KCS, a mandarin-based school, and it is really amazing to watch her language development (even though we don't speak it at home).

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