Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last Day of School

Friday was Natalie's last day of school. To me, this was a huge milestone because it means she has finished her very first full school year (with a certificate and graduation photos, too!). Although I tried to explain how important the day was to Natalie, she didn't quite get it. After I went to pick her up, when she came out of the classroom, she was in a good mood and she told me, "The teachers are crying! How come?" We went back in to take some phots with her teachers (below) but even when I explained again, she looked confused as to why this was important enough to make ALL her teachers cry as she kissed and hugged them good-bye.

Natalie and her good friend Summer posing with her teachers Ms. Lee and Ms. Ngan. You can see they are still a bit red-rimmed around the eyes. They made me tear up, too!

Thank you so much to Natalie's teachers. You have been a truly positive, supportive and caring presence in Natalie's life. She has really learned a lot from you!

After we picked up the kids from school, Lily Yee-yee and I took Natalie and Summer for a quick lunch at a nearby canteen. Here they are holding hands while Natalie makes a funny face.

And now it's Summer's turn to make a funny face!


  1. Congratulations Nat and Summer on your graduation!

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