Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Weekend Stay-cation

This weekend, we booked ourselves into the Renaissance Hotel in Hong Kong for a relaxing "stay-cation". We had amazing weather (sunny and hot) and spent almost 4 hours in the pool on Saturday. It was perfect, we highly recommend it!

Clark and Natalie getting ready to hop into the water. It was hot and sunny, perfect for a day by the pool.

Natalie swimming with Clark. She's well protected from the sun via layers of sun block and a hat.

Natalie being playful trying to hug Clark and splashing him while I'm trying to take a picture of them.

Finally managed to snap a good one!

Natalie swimming with me.

Wang Gang family photo!

Natalie stayed in the pool for almost the full 4 hours. She LOVES to swim and is really comfortable in her little float-tube. And it's great exercise for her!

Look at the amazing pool. It stretches between the Renaissance Hotel and Grand Hyatt (it's a shared pool).

It really felt like a vacation! See Nat still swimming with Clark in the lower left corner.

There was even a waterfall.

And a great view of the harbour.

We managed to coax Natalie out of the pool for a few minutes with the promise of french fries. Here she is relaxing with Clark on a lounge chair.

We tried to get her to nap on the lounge chair, but she was having too much fun.

Here she is lounging with me.

Clark looking happy and relaxed during our stay-cation. It was a really nice get-away!

Natalie is really comfortable kicking around and splashing in the water by herself in her little swim tube. Of course, we keep a very, very close eye on her and we never let her swim more than a few meters away us.

Here is Clark pulling Natalie along (faster, Ba-ba!) across the length of the pool. It's a loooong pool and Clark got lots of exercise, too.

After swimming, with Natalie's fingers and toes turned into little prunes, we went to the really nice playground at the hotel (photos to come) where Natalie played with her cousin Nicholas. Nicholas and family joined us for dinner at the Golden Bauhinia where we feasted on peking duck among other yummies.

After a good night's sleep, here's a quick pic of our hotel room and the remains of our room service breakfast.

Natalie posing by the great view of the harbour from our room window.

All in all, a great stay-cation!

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  1. Great stay-cation! It's a vacation without the plane ride and all the packing! We are definitely planning one too! Thx for inviting us over. :)