Monday, July 12, 2010

We're 27 weeks and counting

We had our 27-week appointment at the doctors today and, despite her best attempts to hide (the baby is actually quite naughty and has also been kicking me at inconvenient times), we managed to take a 4D scan of the baby. Here she is!

Her arm is partially blocking her face, but you can still see her features fairly clearly. With that mouth and (according to the doctor) somewhat large-ish ears, she might very well be another Clark-look-alike! What do you think?

Also, Natalie has been very sweet about my pregnancy and frequently kisses my belly and says, "Hello, Baby!" She's also insistent that the baby is HER baby (I think she thinks it will be a great new toy for her!). I've been trying to tell her the baby is mommy-and-baba's baby and that she will be her "mui mui" but Natalie only shakes her head at me. She has also selected a name she likes for the baby... Clarka!


  1. Looks like a Clark no. 2! And what a perfect name, Clarka! :D

  2. she looks like clark!! again!! tracy you better plan to have a 3rd one and hope that he/she will look like you! hahaha