Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekend boat trip

On Sunday, we went on the Simmons boat and had a really nice day (perfect weather) out on the waters. Natalie was super excited to go on a boat ("Just like Dora!" she said) but in reality, the fast speed and bumpiness on the water scared her and she spent most of the travel time with her face hidden in Clark's chest. She also wasn't a fan of the salty water or the waves when we swam in the ocean. However, she was proud of herself for being on a boat and we all enjoyed a wonderful seafood lunch on Po Toi Island. All in all, a great trip!

Posing with Clark and Serena, here is Natalie happy and excited to be on a boat. We bought a new life-jacket for her which she wore happily for most of the day (except during lunch).

Also on the boat were Jackie yee-yee, Mandy yee-yee, baby Ava, me, and Wang baby #2 (in my belly).

Uncles Que and Dan came, too.

Our yummy seafood lunch. Natalie is not a fan of seafood (although she likes fish and shrimp) but she loved the salt-and-pepper fried tofu.

Baby Ava and her daddy Dan out on the waters for a swim. Ava is super comfortable out on the water.

After only a few minutes in the water (in her life jacket and water tube), Natalie didn't want to swim any more. She didn't like the salty water or the waves. Here she is clinging to Clark (and her hat) once safely back on the boat (while I enjoyed a long swim in the water).

Clark and Natalie take a quick nap on the way home.

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