Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wang Baby #2

We are now 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant and super excited about the coming birth of Wang Baby #2. Natalie is really excited, too, and after reading books and watching videos of herself as a newborn, she is all ready to become a big sister soon. She gives my belly kisses every day and is fascinated whenever she feels the baby kick :)

I went to the doctor's earlier today and discovered that baby #2 is already at 2.2 kg (almost 5 pounds) and, with over 6 weeks to go, she should be a good size at birth. Below is a blurry photo taken today. Poor baby hasn't had any good 4D pics because of her positioning.

We can't wait to meet you, baby!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cousin love

All of last week, Natalie spent every day (including Saturday) hanging with her Por-por and cousins Vanessa, Victoria and Nicholas. Clark and I had to work, but Suparti brought Natalie around to their places or the cousins came over to visit us, and they all hung out and had a great time! I was able to meet up with them for dinner most nights, too and it was great to see them interacting and really starting to play (and occasionally fight) together. Here are some pics (stolen from Carol Yee-yee, thanks!):

The kiddies waiting for the elevator and holding hands. It's so cute!

Natalie hanging with her cousins as they cluster inside a play house together.

Sitting on the sofa together at Carol Yee-yee and Dave Yee-Jurn's house. The leather sofa is great as all spills and crumbs and even pen marks can be wiped off easily (unlike our suede sofa which has seen better days...)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brunch at Cafe Deco

This weekend, we welcomed Por-por to Hong Kong with a brunch at Cafe Deco on the peak. We stayed there from 10:45am - 3:00pm and ate continuously while watching the kids play in the play area. Besides unlimited food and drinks, the restaurant also provided a balloon artist, fake tattoos and face-painting for the kiddies!

Natalie fell asleep on the taxi ride up and Clark let her sleep undisturbed while everyone started eating first.

Natalie and I enjoying our first round of food.

Natalie, me, Dave, Nicholas, Carol and Por-por digging in. We order at least 4 eggs benedicts between us and finished everything, including at least 3 rounds of food and dessert each.

Vanessa giving us her sweetest smile.

Victoria giving us her cutie-pie smile.

Lisa and Victoria. Victoria is great at smiling at the camera now. She's really grown a lot and is becoming a "big girl".

Porpor with Vanessa. Vanessa is definitely NOT a baby anymore. She is very mature and is the clear "leader" of her cousins.

Little Nicholas happily munching on some naan bread.

Natalie makes a funny face for the camera. She really enjoyed the meal and ate a lot of lamb sausage.

Victoria posing with her ba-ba Dennis. Dennis was a little tired.

Nicholas digging whole-heartedly into an ice cream cone. He LOVED it!

Nicholas and his ice cream moustache.

When Carol took the ice cream away, Nicholas was super duper sad!

Look at how sad he is... Carol, please give it back to him! Eventually, Carol broke off the end of the cone, put in a little bit of ice cream and gave it back to him.

A random photo of just me. I had a great time... very relaxing way to spend a Sunday!

Por-por and me. Natalie now knows that Por-por is my mommy.

Lisa being fed a tiny spoon of ice cream by Vanessa. Vanessa is very generous and willingly shares her food and toys with her cousins.

Victoria enjoying ice cream and jello for dessert.

She is a solitary eater, eating slowly and savouring her sweet treats.

"Yummy!" She says.

Por-por with her 3 daughters. I love it when we all get together :) The only person missing was Gong-gong. We miss you, Gong-gong!

Por-por with her daughters and 2 grand-daughters.

Later, Natalie asked to have her nails painted a "rainbow" pattern by two nice ladies dressed as tigers. She sat very still during the process.

Afterwards, she was careful to hold her hands up so they could dry.

We helped her carefully put her hands on the table so they wouldn't get too tired. She also helped to "blow" them dry.

"Look at my princess nails!" She said. All of her cousins also had face-painting or their nails done (except for Nicholas). They also got to put on some fake tattooes of Disney princesses. All in all, a great day!

Cooking class

For the month after school ended, Natalie has attended a cooking class twice a week and has cooked some interesting food! Foods she's "cooked" include sandwiches, sushi, cookies, and even a yam cake (see photo below). The class encourages students to use their hands to explore and experience different foods and then "cook" them.

Natalie posing with her yam "cake". We boiled a yam for her to bring to class and during class, she used her fingers to peel and mash the yams. After playing with the yams, they shaped it into a "cake", put on some whipped cream and decorated with bugles, candy and chocolates.

Clark and I bravely tried a bite and it was... interesting! Natalie happily ate a small portion we gave her in a separate bowl.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Elmo and an Animal Farm

Two weekends ago, Vivo Yee-yee treated Natalie to her first live show... Elmo and Friends Grow Up at the Wanchai Arts Center!  Of course, Natalie loved it.  After the show, Clark took Natalie to the Animal Farm at the AsiaWorld Expo while I took a nap at home :)  Thanks Clark!   Photos below.

I'm still figuring out how to use the new blogger designer so I uploaded photos in reverse time and also don't know how to add captions!  But you can see her feeding animals at the animal expo and see how happy and excited she was to watch the Elmo show (below).

Watch Video 295 of Natalie feeding baby goats long stalks of grass from the animal expo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer fun with Nicholas

With Natalie officially on summer holiday and only attending various classes (art, cooking, sand, and gym) for a couple hours a day, it's been a great opportunity for her to spend more time with her little cousin Nicholas. Here are some photos and videos which I've stolen from Carol Yee-yee (thanks Carol!):

Video 292 - Natalie and Nicholas jumping on the bed together. It's so cute how Nicholas follows Natalie around and copies EVERYTHING she does.

Video 293 - Natalie playing a bit rough with poor Nicholas who's so much smaller than she is (for now).

Video 294 - Natalie and Nicholas crawling through a "tunnel" we created from a foam floor mat. They did this about 20 times.  We also used the foam mat to drag them around Carol's apartment.
Here's Natalie and Nicholas enjoying a ride together at the Renaissance Hotel playground.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And I'm dancing with myse-elf...

Natalie loves to dance and if we put on music at home and if she is feeling energetic she will start to dance by herself. See Video 291 of Natalie dancing. Sometimes she will even sign to herself and dance around the house.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friends and Visitors

Over the past few months, we've had friends over and gone out to see friends. Here are some older and some recent pics of Natalie with visitors and friends.

Natalie I with Maggie Yee-yee and her new baby Charlotte. Charlotte is soooo tiny compared to Natalie; it's hard to believe Nat was ever that small!

Natalie with Annie Por-por at City Garden Hotel. Natalie is beginning to "get" that EVERYONE has a mom and I think she got that Annie Por-por is Uncle Gerald's mom.

Natalie at dim sum with her friend Kaitlyn who is close to her age. Kaitlyn is so cute... what a great smile!

The girls share a big hug! So cute!

Natalie with the Wee family (Uncle Derrick, Auntie Kelly and little Kaitlyn).