Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brunch at Cafe Deco

This weekend, we welcomed Por-por to Hong Kong with a brunch at Cafe Deco on the peak. We stayed there from 10:45am - 3:00pm and ate continuously while watching the kids play in the play area. Besides unlimited food and drinks, the restaurant also provided a balloon artist, fake tattoos and face-painting for the kiddies!

Natalie fell asleep on the taxi ride up and Clark let her sleep undisturbed while everyone started eating first.

Natalie and I enjoying our first round of food.

Natalie, me, Dave, Nicholas, Carol and Por-por digging in. We order at least 4 eggs benedicts between us and finished everything, including at least 3 rounds of food and dessert each.

Vanessa giving us her sweetest smile.

Victoria giving us her cutie-pie smile.

Lisa and Victoria. Victoria is great at smiling at the camera now. She's really grown a lot and is becoming a "big girl".

Porpor with Vanessa. Vanessa is definitely NOT a baby anymore. She is very mature and is the clear "leader" of her cousins.

Little Nicholas happily munching on some naan bread.

Natalie makes a funny face for the camera. She really enjoyed the meal and ate a lot of lamb sausage.

Victoria posing with her ba-ba Dennis. Dennis was a little tired.

Nicholas digging whole-heartedly into an ice cream cone. He LOVED it!

Nicholas and his ice cream moustache.

When Carol took the ice cream away, Nicholas was super duper sad!

Look at how sad he is... Carol, please give it back to him! Eventually, Carol broke off the end of the cone, put in a little bit of ice cream and gave it back to him.

A random photo of just me. I had a great time... very relaxing way to spend a Sunday!

Por-por and me. Natalie now knows that Por-por is my mommy.

Lisa being fed a tiny spoon of ice cream by Vanessa. Vanessa is very generous and willingly shares her food and toys with her cousins.

Victoria enjoying ice cream and jello for dessert.

She is a solitary eater, eating slowly and savouring her sweet treats.

"Yummy!" She says.

Por-por with her 3 daughters. I love it when we all get together :) The only person missing was Gong-gong. We miss you, Gong-gong!

Por-por with her daughters and 2 grand-daughters.

Later, Natalie asked to have her nails painted a "rainbow" pattern by two nice ladies dressed as tigers. She sat very still during the process.

Afterwards, she was careful to hold her hands up so they could dry.

We helped her carefully put her hands on the table so they wouldn't get too tired. She also helped to "blow" them dry.

"Look at my princess nails!" She said. All of her cousins also had face-painting or their nails done (except for Nicholas). They also got to put on some fake tattooes of Disney princesses. All in all, a great day!


  1. Great photos! We had an awesome time! Happy birthday dear! :) Love love.

  2. What a nice family photos! It must be so great for Nat to hang out with her cousins and Por Por so often!