Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cooking class

For the month after school ended, Natalie has attended a cooking class twice a week and has cooked some interesting food! Foods she's "cooked" include sandwiches, sushi, cookies, and even a yam cake (see photo below). The class encourages students to use their hands to explore and experience different foods and then "cook" them.

Natalie posing with her yam "cake". We boiled a yam for her to bring to class and during class, she used her fingers to peel and mash the yams. After playing with the yams, they shaped it into a "cake", put on some whipped cream and decorated with bugles, candy and chocolates.

Clark and I bravely tried a bite and it was... interesting! Natalie happily ate a small portion we gave her in a separate bowl.

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