Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cousin love

All of last week, Natalie spent every day (including Saturday) hanging with her Por-por and cousins Vanessa, Victoria and Nicholas. Clark and I had to work, but Suparti brought Natalie around to their places or the cousins came over to visit us, and they all hung out and had a great time! I was able to meet up with them for dinner most nights, too and it was great to see them interacting and really starting to play (and occasionally fight) together. Here are some pics (stolen from Carol Yee-yee, thanks!):

The kiddies waiting for the elevator and holding hands. It's so cute!

Natalie hanging with her cousins as they cluster inside a play house together.

Sitting on the sofa together at Carol Yee-yee and Dave Yee-Jurn's house. The leather sofa is great as all spills and crumbs and even pen marks can be wiped off easily (unlike our suede sofa which has seen better days...)

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