Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of school again!

Today was Natalie's first day of school again. I took the day off and accompanied her. She was really excited to attend "regular school" again (after the summer break) and was happy and cheerful putting on her uniform in the morning. It was soooo hot walking to school (up a big hill) but Natalie walked all the way there and back by herself! She also assures me she likes her new teachers, which is great!

Natalie wearing her school uniform (front shot). She has a big smile on her face because she was really excited to go.

Natalie wearing her school uniform (back shot).

Natalie wearing her school uniform (side shot).

Natalie doing a little "before I go to school" dance.

More dancing. She was really excited to go (and put her uniform on way ahead of schedule).

Natalie's new classroom. She is still attending Kiangsu Chekiang Primary School (just up the street from our apartment).

Natalie sitting patiently and playing with some toys while waiting for other kids to arrive and the class to get started.

I never really noticed this before, but sometimes she sticks her tongue out when concentrating really hard!

The class is filling up with students and parents. We're almost ready to start!

Natalie's teachers are introducing themselves and giving a briefing to all parents. Natalie turns around in her seat to listen.

The male teacher is Mr. Ian who will be Natalie's English teacher. English is definitely still Natalie's most comfortable language because she perked up right away when he started speaking. Here they are singing (and miming) "Head and Shoulders" song. Natalie has almost disappeared behind the table while touching her toes.

Later, the teachers distribute song books and a CD. I love this idea because sometimes Natalie comes home singing songs in Mandarin and I have NO IDEA what song she's singing and what she's singing about. Hopefully, these books will help!

Snack time! Everyday, the students will enjoy a snack and drink together while at school. Today they had a bun and small carton of soy bean milk drink.

Everyday, the students must also line up and go to the little toilets together. It's very cute to watch them make a train (with hands on the shoulders of the student in front of you) and shuffle over to the toilets together. Natalie has perfected this and I stayed behind in the class to wait while she went with the other girls in her class.

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