Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer fun with Nicholas

With Natalie officially on summer holiday and only attending various classes (art, cooking, sand, and gym) for a couple hours a day, it's been a great opportunity for her to spend more time with her little cousin Nicholas. Here are some photos and videos which I've stolen from Carol Yee-yee (thanks Carol!):

Video 292 - Natalie and Nicholas jumping on the bed together. It's so cute how Nicholas follows Natalie around and copies EVERYTHING she does.

Video 293 - Natalie playing a bit rough with poor Nicholas who's so much smaller than she is (for now).

Video 294 - Natalie and Nicholas crawling through a "tunnel" we created from a foam floor mat. They did this about 20 times.  We also used the foam mat to drag them around Carol's apartment.
Here's Natalie and Nicholas enjoying a ride together at the Renaissance Hotel playground.


  1. Nicholas really loves Natalie. Whenever he plays pretend telephone, he says "Wei, Nat-lee?" while holding up a toy phone to his ear. Very cute!

  2. Haha, that IS really cute! Natalie loves Nicholas, too. When I asked her, she told me he is her "favourite" cousin :)