Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More cousins play and belly pics

Here are a few more photos taken of our recent cousin's play date from last Saturday.

Natalie showing the camera the ball they were all playing with.

Vanessa with a sweaty head (they did lots of running around!) while drinking much needed water.

Natalie taking care of her little cousin Nicholas as we move from the grassy area to the playground.

Natalie happy on Clark's shoulders at the park. I love this photo!

Me and Lisa take a break on the bench as the kiddies run around on the playground equipment.

Natalie posing with me and her Mei-mei. I'm 38 weeks and feeling it!

More belly pics with Natalie and some cousins in the background.

The baby is getting big and hopefully ready for life on the "outside" soon!

One last angle. Thanks to Clark for capturing the belly moments!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hanging with my cousins

At least once almost every weekend, Natalie gets the chance to play together with all her cousins. Sometimes we all go swimming together, sometimes we go to Jumpin' Gym or to the nearby park, and sometimes we just hang out in our one of our apartments (or sometimes all of the above). Now that the cousins (currently aged 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 years old) are getting older and really starting to play together, it's great fun for everyone!

See Video 296 of Natalie chatting and then playing red-light-green-light with Victoria and Lisa Yee-yee. It's so cute, when Victoria reaches Natalie she exclaims, "I got Na-ta-lee!"

Also see Video 297 and Video 298 of Clark getting hit in the head with a ball and all the cousins LOVING it. They think it's hilarious! In the last video, you can hear Clark say "No more!" (after about 5 times of getting hit in the head).

Natalie enjoying a train ride at Jumping Gym with Victoria and Nicholas.

The five cousins seated together.

Natalie and I holding little cousin Michael. He's only a couple weeks old here and it's hard to believe Natalie was once smaller than he is now!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sleeping by myself in my new bed

For almost her entire life, Natalie has been co-sleeping with us. We LOVE it, but after she turned three years old in June and with a little sister on the way, we decided it was time for her to learn to sleep by herself. We told her stories about how "big girls" sleep by themselves and also bought her a new bed (a bunk!) as incentive. After a couple months (of sleeping on the top and then moving to the bottom bunk), she's really got the hang of it!

Every night, we do a big bedtime routine (bath, drink warm milk, brush teeth, wee-wee, diaper, read a book, sing a song, turn off the light, kiss her 3 stuffed animals good night, kiss her good night), then we tuck her in and leave her to fall asleep by herself. She's been sleeping by herself for almost 3 months now and we're super proud of her!

Natalie sleeping in her "big girl" bed. She always sleeps on the bottom bunk now.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The little helper that could

This weekend, my nesting instincts kicked into high gear and our whole family (especially Clark) helped to tidy and clean and re-organize our apartment. I feel SO MUCH better now! Natalie was a great little helper, too and helped to throw things away in the garbage and organize her books. She also helped to vacuum our sofa.

Natalie smiling while holding the vacuum and moving it back and forth across the sofa.

"I want to do it! Give it to me! I do it by myself!" She said when I tried to help.

Hanging with Ba-ba

Now that Natalie is a bit older, she is beginning to understand the difference between weekdays and weekends. Weekends are "family days" and she really seems to look forward to spending more time together with Clark and I. In particular, with my belly getting so big, Clark has been super proactive spending time and taking care of Natalie while I try to get more rest on weekends. Natalie is becoming a real daddy's girl!

Whenever we ride a taxi, Ba-ba will always carry me on his lap. Mommy's belly is too big and she always makes me sit by myself which I don't really like because the taxi goes so fast.

As you can see, I love being in a taxi with Ba-ba!

Ba-ba also reads me lots of books. I like it when we play "I spy" together because I can always find any object he names.

Ba-ba finds this quite frustrating. How come my eyes are so good?

Ba-ba also helps me to brush my teeth. Here I am having my teeth brushed.

Ba-ba is very gentle. It doesn't hurt. I'm just blinking!

He does a really good job brushing my teeth so they'll stay clean and white.

After brushing, I'm really good at rinsing the water around my mouth.

And spitting it all out into the sink.

All done!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Natalie-isms

We're looking through a Men's Health magazine and Natalie is asking "What's that?" to almost every page. We see a football.
Natalie: "What's that?"
Me: "It's a football."
Natalie (laughing and covering her mouth): "It looks like poo-poo! Stinky stinky!"

I am trying to teach Natalie that she can eat as much fruit and veggies as she likes because it's healthy, but can only eat a little bit of cookies and candy because it's unhealthy.
Natalie (shaking her head and looking at me seriously): "But I don't like to eat veggies. I like cookies!"

I am applying eyeliner when Natalie comes into the room. She sees me pulling down the corner of my eye.
Natalie: "Hi Mommy, why you so ugly?"

Natalie is beginning to get a good sense of "right" and "wrong" and "reward" and "punishment". She is a goody-two-shoes and likes to tattle on her cousins.
Me: "Natalie, we're going to go visit Nicholas now, ok? Do you want to play with Nicholas?"
Natalie: "Yes!" (A pause and a sad look.) "But some times Nicholas doesn't share."
Me: "That's ok, you just tell him to please share with you, ok?"
Natalie: "Ok, and if he doesn't share, I tell Por-por and then Nicholas will need to time-out outside."

Natalie is also a very sweet and affectionate girl. When I come home after work, she is always super happy to see me.
Me: "Hel-looo, I'm home!"
Natalie (running to me and giving me a hug and kiss): "Mommy, mommy! I really missed you while you were at work today. I love you!"
(She does the same for Clark when he comes home.)

Natalie claims to dislike "boy" teachers. I am asking Natalie about her new school year.
Me: "Do you like your new class?"
Natalie: "Yes!"
Me: "Do you like your new teachers?"
Natalie: "Yes!" (Pause.) "But one teacher is a boy."
Me: "Oh really? What's his name?"
Natalie: "Mr. Ian." (He's the new English teacher.)
Me: "Are you sure he's a boy? How do you know?"
Natalie: "Because I checked."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Shower at Tiffin Lounge

This Saturday, my girlfriends threw a baby shower for Wang Baby #2 at the Grand Hyatt Tiffin Lounge over tea time. Serena, Viv, JC, Amy, Mandy, Cindy, Lisa and my mom were there from 3:30pm and some of us lasted until 8:00pm! It was super delicious and relaxing, THANKS GIRLS! Also, baby #2 is now the proud owner of NEW items (not just hand-me-downs from her big sis). Photos below.

Lisa, Por-por and Natalie and her cousins (fondly referred to as "the zoo") came as well. Here are the kiddies all sitting nicely together.

It's really hard to get them all to look and smile at the same time. Hmm... imagine we'll soon have SIX kids when we go out together!

Mandy and baby Ava.

Here are some of the gifts we received. THANKS again, girls!!

You can see Natalie received some gifts as well, like the big hello kitty shirt which matches Baby #2 little onesies :)

This is an ice cream game that Natalie received from Mandy yee-yee and she LOVES it! She knows the rules of the game and actually understands "winning" the game now. It's fun to play with her :) (Don't mind Natalie's spaghetti mouth!)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to hold a pen, pencil or crayon

Natalie has learned how to properly hold a pen, pencil or crayon! Watch her drawing with a pen at home. By the way, the red knapsack is her very FIRST art work from her K1 class. Isn't it beautiful? She doesn't have much concentration when it comes to colouring tho... she gets bored and stops halfway and the teacher had to help her finish it.

"Look Mommy, I'm drawing letters!" Natalie says. She points out all the letters she's drawing with the pen.

Look at the great pen-holding technique!

Natalie concentrating while continuing to draw "letters" on her paper.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Play date at Clara's

On Wednesday, Natalie and I went to a play date and had a chance to catch up with old friends at Susannie Yee-yee and Clara's clubhouse playroom. It was super nice to catch up with my mommy friends (rare day off work) and watch how the "babies" now really interact with each other and play together :)

Us mommies sit together and relax and chat while the kiddies run around in the playroom.

There was a lot to play with!

Natalie always loves to play inside "houses".

There was also this "fun wall" with activities for them to explore.

Later, we went outside to play on the podium. What a great view!

And what a great playground!

It was a little hot (for me) but the kiddies didn't seem to mind. They were running and climbing and playing.

Later, we asked them to stand together and pose for a photo. Here is Natalie with her little friends. So cute!

They interact really well together now and were singing songs together while we tried to take photos.