Monday, September 20, 2010

Hanging with Ba-ba

Now that Natalie is a bit older, she is beginning to understand the difference between weekdays and weekends. Weekends are "family days" and she really seems to look forward to spending more time together with Clark and I. In particular, with my belly getting so big, Clark has been super proactive spending time and taking care of Natalie while I try to get more rest on weekends. Natalie is becoming a real daddy's girl!

Whenever we ride a taxi, Ba-ba will always carry me on his lap. Mommy's belly is too big and she always makes me sit by myself which I don't really like because the taxi goes so fast.

As you can see, I love being in a taxi with Ba-ba!

Ba-ba also reads me lots of books. I like it when we play "I spy" together because I can always find any object he names.

Ba-ba finds this quite frustrating. How come my eyes are so good?

Ba-ba also helps me to brush my teeth. Here I am having my teeth brushed.

Ba-ba is very gentle. It doesn't hurt. I'm just blinking!

He does a really good job brushing my teeth so they'll stay clean and white.

After brushing, I'm really good at rinsing the water around my mouth.

And spitting it all out into the sink.

All done!

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