Monday, September 27, 2010

Hanging with my cousins

At least once almost every weekend, Natalie gets the chance to play together with all her cousins. Sometimes we all go swimming together, sometimes we go to Jumpin' Gym or to the nearby park, and sometimes we just hang out in our one of our apartments (or sometimes all of the above). Now that the cousins (currently aged 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 years old) are getting older and really starting to play together, it's great fun for everyone!

See Video 296 of Natalie chatting and then playing red-light-green-light with Victoria and Lisa Yee-yee. It's so cute, when Victoria reaches Natalie she exclaims, "I got Na-ta-lee!"

Also see Video 297 and Video 298 of Clark getting hit in the head with a ball and all the cousins LOVING it. They think it's hilarious! In the last video, you can hear Clark say "No more!" (after about 5 times of getting hit in the head).

Natalie enjoying a train ride at Jumping Gym with Victoria and Nicholas.

The five cousins seated together.

Natalie and I holding little cousin Michael. He's only a couple weeks old here and it's hard to believe Natalie was once smaller than he is now!

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