Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More cousins play and belly pics

Here are a few more photos taken of our recent cousin's play date from last Saturday.

Natalie showing the camera the ball they were all playing with.

Vanessa with a sweaty head (they did lots of running around!) while drinking much needed water.

Natalie taking care of her little cousin Nicholas as we move from the grassy area to the playground.

Natalie happy on Clark's shoulders at the park. I love this photo!

Me and Lisa take a break on the bench as the kiddies run around on the playground equipment.

Natalie posing with me and her Mei-mei. I'm 38 weeks and feeling it!

More belly pics with Natalie and some cousins in the background.

The baby is getting big and hopefully ready for life on the "outside" soon!

One last angle. Thanks to Clark for capturing the belly moments!

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  1. Wow Tracy - you look great for 38 weeks! Just like your normal self except hiding a big ball under your dress =D