Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Natalie-isms

We're looking through a Men's Health magazine and Natalie is asking "What's that?" to almost every page. We see a football.
Natalie: "What's that?"
Me: "It's a football."
Natalie (laughing and covering her mouth): "It looks like poo-poo! Stinky stinky!"

I am trying to teach Natalie that she can eat as much fruit and veggies as she likes because it's healthy, but can only eat a little bit of cookies and candy because it's unhealthy.
Natalie (shaking her head and looking at me seriously): "But I don't like to eat veggies. I like cookies!"

I am applying eyeliner when Natalie comes into the room. She sees me pulling down the corner of my eye.
Natalie: "Hi Mommy, why you so ugly?"

Natalie is beginning to get a good sense of "right" and "wrong" and "reward" and "punishment". She is a goody-two-shoes and likes to tattle on her cousins.
Me: "Natalie, we're going to go visit Nicholas now, ok? Do you want to play with Nicholas?"
Natalie: "Yes!" (A pause and a sad look.) "But some times Nicholas doesn't share."
Me: "That's ok, you just tell him to please share with you, ok?"
Natalie: "Ok, and if he doesn't share, I tell Por-por and then Nicholas will need to time-out outside."

Natalie is also a very sweet and affectionate girl. When I come home after work, she is always super happy to see me.
Me: "Hel-looo, I'm home!"
Natalie (running to me and giving me a hug and kiss): "Mommy, mommy! I really missed you while you were at work today. I love you!"
(She does the same for Clark when he comes home.)

Natalie claims to dislike "boy" teachers. I am asking Natalie about her new school year.
Me: "Do you like your new class?"
Natalie: "Yes!"
Me: "Do you like your new teachers?"
Natalie: "Yes!" (Pause.) "But one teacher is a boy."
Me: "Oh really? What's his name?"
Natalie: "Mr. Ian." (He's the new English teacher.)
Me: "Are you sure he's a boy? How do you know?"
Natalie: "Because I checked."

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