Monday, October 11, 2010

Lauren at home

Lauren has been home for 8 days now and a lot has been happening in her little world during that time.

First, she has a massive case of the hiccups at least two or three times every day. See her hiccuping and wondering what's going on in Video 300.

Next up, she enjoyed her very first bath at home in big sister Natalie's pink bathtub. She seems to enjoy baths (for now!) and just kinda chills out in the warm water.
Natalie helped her to bathe, too. She's a great big sister!
Lauren has also been "carried" by Natalie many times. I love the below photo!
Here is a comparison of their feet sizes. Lauren's feet are TINY compared to Natalie's now. Hard to believe Natalie's feet used to be so small!
See Video 301 of Natalie singing a song to Lauren. It's so sweet!

Lauren is one of the most alert newborn babies I've seen. She has two wakeful periods during the day now and spends about an hour each time looking like this: see Video 302 of her looking around.

Lauren is also one of the smiliest babies I know. Whenever she is feeling a little bit sleepy, she gives us HUGE smiles all the time. We just pretend they're real smiles :)
She's also almost mastered the art of drinking milk, but we've had a few incidents along the way. Once while feeding, she coughed and milk came out of her nose! Instead of cleaning her up, of course I reached for the camera first...
Lauren has also had some quality time with her cousin Michael. Michael is exactly one month older than her, but he's now DOUBLE her size! While Lauren weighs in at a modest 6 pounds, Michael is now over 12 pounds heavy.
Besides being longer, see how much thicker he is, too!

This past week, Lauren has also had her fingernails cut and her belly button fell off 4 days ago!

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