Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nat and Nich

Out of all the cousins, I think Natalie gets along best with Nicholas. This is because he's the youngest of all the cousins who are able to play together (Michael and Lauren don't count) and he's least likely to fight with her and will actually follow along with her play ideas.

Here Natalie and Nicholas went to the park to blow bubbles together. They each had their own bubbles.
Here is Nicholas blowing bubbles. He's really great at this!
Here is Natalie blowing bubbles, too. She's an old pro.
Look how happy Nicholas is to be eating his own popsicle. You can really see personality differences at work here because Natalie cautiously licked at her popsicle while Nicholas bit right in and (we think he) experienced brain freeze. And then he kept on eating.
Natalie is happy to have her own popsicle, too.
Natalie and Nicholas eyeing each other and making sure they each have the SAME popsicle. It's a disaster if we try to give them anything different. Everything must be the same and "fair".

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  1. Aww.. so cute! I think everyone likes to play with Natalie the most. Vicky and Nicholas.. now thats a different story!