Friday, October 29, 2010

Natalie's first hair cut

Last week, Natalie had her very first hair cut! The front is still not growing very quickly and the back had a few strands which were long and a bit straggly so she had a little trim courtesy of me and Por-por.

Before - front view.
Before - side view. This photo really shows off her natural mullet-like style.
Before - back view. You can see the strands which have grown faster than the rest of her hair.
Natalie patiently sitting on her stool in the shower as I cut her hair. She was super and sat very still. Por-por did a quick clean-up job after me :)
After - front shot. She looks much cuter with her shorter hair :)
After - side shot. No more mullet!
After - back shot. Everything looks more even at the back, too.
Baby Lauren also had a hair make-over with a new spikey style :)
She seems to like it, too!

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