Monday, November 29, 2010

Natalie at school

Here are the first photos we've seen of Natalie in her new K1 class. Looks like she's having a great time at school so far! She tells us she still loves school and that she loves her teachers :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lauren and Michael

It's great that Lauren has a cousin she is so close to. Although they can't play together just yet, we hope they'll be able to interact with each other soon, even if it's just babbling together :)

Here Michael and Lauren sit next to each other without really knowing each other.
Michael is the calm giant whereas Lauren is... well, you get the idea.
Michael is still much bigger than Lauren. He's so good, can sit by himself now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wang Gang in Taiwan

This past weekend, the Wang Gang hopped on a plane to Taiwan. Of course we ate way too much and also spent a day at the zoo. Photos below:

We flew on Clark's birthday and the hotel kindly gave a cake to us! We sang happy birthday to Clark before taking a family photo on our hotel bed. Happy Birthday, Ba-ba!
The next morning, Nainai and Taipor (Nainai's mommy and Nat and Lauren's great-grandma) came over for a visit where we had a chance to snap some great photos.
Lauren found Taipors arms quite comfy.
Then we were off to zoo. Here we are riding the little shuttle train to the top of the zoo to begin our tour. Natalie was super excited and asked specifically to see penguins and elephants.
On the way to the penguin house, we stopped by to gape at this monstrous turtle. It was bigger than Natalie!
Here is Natalie admiring penguins at the penguin house. She liked looking at them, but I think they weren't as interesting as she thought they might be since they just stood around and then stood around some more.
This was the most interesting penguin... where's his head?! Totally freaked me out until it popped back up. I think he was scratching his back.
One last photo at the penguin exhibit before we moved on.
Clark and Natalie at the bear exhibit. Natalie was super happy and excited.
You can see the big brown grizzly in the enclosure.
Natalie and Clark at an... antler(?) exhibit.
Natalie and I looking at rhinos.
A big, lonely gorilla eating... something that looks like bamboo?
Natalie and I with a huge herd of mountain goats.
There were so many of them!
If you look closely to the right of Natalie's head, you can see some chimpanzees just hanging out.
Natalie and Clark peering at the giraffe.
There were cute little baby giraffes, too. So cute!
Natalie giggling over the funny rhinoceroses.
They are pretty funny looking animals.
Later we check out some smaller turtles enjoying a healthy feast of vegetables.
Natalie and Clark at the elephant exhibit. The two elephants there were super active and fun to watch. One took a HUGE poo, then picked up the poo with his trunk and threw it! He scared all the gawking on-lookers (including us) while we all screamed and tried to run away. The other played in the water, splashing and rolling under the surface.
After a long day at the zoo, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset from our room.
Later that night, we went to visit Chingbu, Natalie and Lauren's other great grandmother (Yehyeh's mommy) at her home.
Another family photo time! I love how Lauren is looking at Chingbu here.
This one everyone is looking at the camera (except Lauren).
The Wang Gang with Chingbu.
Here I am burping Lauren on our last night there. Wo ai Taiwan!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lauren getting chubby

Little by little, Lauren is growing and slowly chubbing out. See Video 312 of her hanging out at home (sans clothes but with a diaper on) and you can see she is filling out. Also, check out the photos below.

After 1.5 months, Lauren's face has gotten a little longer and rounder.
Lauren chilling on our bed. She's just been changed into a fresh diaper.
Another aerial view.
Lauren's profile.
See the little fat folds forming?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More sisterly love

Here are more pics of Natalie and Lauren hanging out together. Natalie looks like a GIANT compared to her baby sister. We can't wait for Lauren to be a little bit older when she can be more responsive to when Natalie talks, sings and tries to play with her.

Natalie looking at Lauren.
Natalie laughing with Lauren. She really loves her little sister.
Natalie talking and singing to Lauren.
Lauren looking confused. She's only JUST beginning to understand that all that talking and noise actually comes from the people around her.
Natalie carrying Lauren. Lauren looks so happy!
Our girls checking each other out.