Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bottle Feeding Lauren

Today is the first day out of Lauren's moon yuet and so I've decided to pump and test out how well she can drink from a bottle. First, I'm super pleased I managed to pump out 85 mL on my first try. Wahoo! As for Lauren, it turns out, she's a star bottle-drinker. She guzzled it all down in one go.

Watch Video 306 of Natalie explaining what's going to happen with the milk bottle she's holding.

Then watch Video 307 of Natalie helping Nainai feed Lauren with a bottle for the first time.

85 mL of pumped milk courtesy of Medela Symphony. Sooo glad we decided to rent instead of using a hand pump like I did with Natalie! Honestly, what was I thinking?
Nainai and Natalie feeding Lauren for the first time.
As you can see, Natalie was super excited and pleased to be able to help. When I mentioned in the morning that I would try to pump, she said, "And I will help feed Mei-mei by bottle, ok? Ok? OKAY?!"


  1. It's amazing how helpful Natalie is with baby Lauren. Great job mommy & daddy!

  2. Good job Lauren! How's the super dual pump? :) I shall try it one day when I come over.. hehe.