Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day at the Zoo

Yesterday, we spent lunch and all afternoon at a "Day at the Zoo" event put on by Deutsch Bank at the IRC in Happy Valley. It was a really well-organized event, perfect for kiddies. Pair a great event with a gorgeous day out and you can imagine why we stayed over 4 hours!

There was a petting zoo where guests could feed the rabbits some carrots.
But the rabbits weren't that hungry no matter how much coaxing Clark did. We think they were already pretty full of carrots!
Even if we couldn't feed them, Natalie was super excited to pet a rabbit.
We also took a family photo with the rabbit. (Lauren is in the orange stroller behind us.)
The petting zoo also had a small pen of goats. They also provided grass and bottles of milk to feed the goats with, but again, the goats didn't seem that hungry.
Natalie's favourite animals to visit were the dogs in the little dog exhibit put together by the Lifelong Animal Protection Charity.
She spent at least 30 minutes in there playing and petting the dogs and puppies there.
Even after we convinced her to leave and jump in the bouncy castles, she wanted to return asap to be with "her dogs".
There was also a pony ride but there was no actual "riding" because they didn't want to churn up the grass. That's ok, Natalie didn't want to ride... the pony's too big!
"But I can ride when I'm 4, ok?" She said.
Here is the shaded sitting area and behind it (under the 7 white tents) is the buffet spread by Conrad. Can you say yummy?
There were also various activity tents such as hat decorating, piggy bank decorating, face painting, fishing and growing-your-own-vegetables.
On the other side of the fence, they had games and a bouncy castle. I ran a potato-spoon race against Natalie and sadly lost. I think Natalie cheated by holding the potato onto her spoon tho :)
Lauren enjoyed the day but spent most of the time in her stroller sleeping.

All in all, a great day!

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