Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lauren's Moon Yuet

My bad, this post is way overdue! Almost 2 weeks ago, we celebrated Lauren's one month "moon yuet" over dinner with our family in Hong Kong. It was a delicious and noisy affair to celebrate her 1-month birthday. Photos below.

Me, Natalie, Lauren and Nainai have just arrived at the restaurant and are settling in. Natalie is hungry and ready to go with her little trainer chopsticks.
We put Lauren down on the table for a few minutes and tried to leave her there while we started eating. She made a few noises but no worries, there were plenty of willing arms to hold her :)
Lisa and Victoria. I really like this picture.
Nainai playing with Lauren.
Lauren, me and Nainai.
A close-up of Lauren. She's gotten quite a bit chubbier since her birth.
Big yawn.
The Chen Den (little Michael is in the back in the sling).
Natalie and Vanessa wanted to sit beside each other. So cute how they are friends and have opinions about these things now.
Dennis and Victoria. Do you like see food?
Half-way through the long meal, the zoo got bored and we tamed them with a movie on the iPad.
Can you guess the movie?
There was waaaaay too much food! We started with roast young pig.
Seafood and broccoli.
Lobster with noodles.
Shrimp claws.
There was also a big pot of "monk jumping over the wall" soup, a huge steamed fish, a whole roasted chicken, a rice and a noodle dish. To finish off, we have red bean soup dessert and these yummy "birthday bum buns" below.
At the end of the night, we asked Natalie to pose with Lauren and Nainai. Natalie decided to give us her biggest smile which is really her "funny face".
Natalie showing her funny face to Lauren.
An even more extreme funny face!

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