Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day at Lisa's

For Christmas afternoon and dinner this year, we had a little Christmas party with turkey dinner at Lisa Yee-yee's house. It was great fun!

Here we fit 9 people into one taxi: Two babies, two kids, two helpers, two mothers and one friendly taxi driver.
While there, the kids tore up Lisa's house and played with all the toys. They also loved to play with Clark and use him as a jungle gym. Here they are attacking him.
...and pinching his nose and putting toys in his mouth and pulling his hair. They loved his anguished screams.
Meanwhile... the two babies had a nice little nap together.
Before a yummy turkey dinner, we tried to get the "big" kids to take a picture together.
This was the best shot. (We thought it was cute that the girls had the same outfit on.)
After dinner, it was time for presents! We asked the kids to sit down and listen for their names to be called.
Vanessa the oldest cousin decided to help distribute the presents to everyone.
Here she is handing a big present to Nicholas.
Here are Victoria and Natalie waiting patiently.
The kids were super happy and excited.
Time to open the presents!
Lisa did a good job maintaining order. The kids were old enough to know how to put the used wrapping paper into the garbage by themselves and generally kept things tidy.
Natalie LOVES opening presents!
So far (besides the scooter) this was her favourite gift... a little baby with a bath tub. She carries the baby everywhere, feed her milk and even sleeps with her!
All in all, a great day. Merry Christmas!

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