Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Everyone! We had a very super duper fun Christmas Day. But first, here are photos and videos from Christmas morning. We explained the whole Santa Claus concept to Natalie and she was so excited (after putting out her stocking and some cookies and milk for Santa) she almost couldn't sleep the night before.

Here is the stocking she left out. A very pretty and pink stocking! Inside was a candy cane, a small toy, and some other chocolate and wafers.
Natalie's little Christmas tree. She insisted the star be on top before going to sleep.
Look what Santa Claus gave to Natalie this Christmas! Two weeks ago, Natalie drew a picture of a scooter and we "mailed" it to Santa.

Also, see Video 324 of Natalie discussing what Santa Claus gave her Christmas morning (sorry, the sound goes a bit in and out because I keep covering the microphone by accident).

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