Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gingerbread house

On Tuesday, Natalie and I made a trip to the nearest Park n Shop and bought icing and decorations to create a gingerbread house (with the gingerbread house pieces from Vivo Yee-yee... thanks Vivo!) It was a really fun and yummy project. Photos below:

While I put the bottom of the house together, Natalie is busy decorating the roof. She's decided to put M&M's all over the top. I've put down the "glue" for her and she's busy picking colors and sticking them on (and eating some, too).
The roof is on! Here we are using an advanced technique to hold the roof up while it dries.
For the chimney, Natalie wanted to put animal candies on each one.
She also added a little flower on the top of their heads to make the animals all girls.
The roof is dry and the chimney is on. We've also added a marshmellow-rice-crispy tree and a santa doll. Almost done!
Natalie helps me to tap the sifter and sprinkle a liberal amount of "snow" all over the house and surrounding decorations.
Final result: A gorgeous gingerbread house. Well done, us!
The next day... disaster! I think the M&M's were a bit too heavy. Also, the moisture in the air caused the gingerbread to become crumbly. It's ok, now we can eat it!

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