Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lauren at home again

Poor Lauren doesn't get to go out much. It's what happens when you're only 2 months old and the younger sibling. But she doesn't seem to mind so much and there is already lots of learn at home. Here are some recent-ish pics.

This photo was taken courtesy of Uncle Kevy's mobile device (blackberry). Lauren looks so mature and cute! BTW, while at the grocery store the other day, a lady asked if she was 10 months old.
Clark holding Lauren's foot in his hand. Her foot is the same length as his middle finger.
This is a oldie but goodie: Clark's first time feeding Lauren a bottle. Only about 8 weeks ago and look how tiny she looks!
Here is Lauren (a few weeks ago) enjoying she tummy time on a pillow. Instead of getting exercise, she fell asleep...
And it looks like she had some nice dreams, too.

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