Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Christmas fun with cousins

To wrap up all the Christmas fun we've had with cousins over the past week, see:

Video 325 of Natalie and Vanessa following the dance moves in the "Nobody but me" music video.

Also see Video 326 of Vanessa and Natalie playing together. Vanessa is taller and quite strong and she is able to lift and carry Natalie (for short distances).

One other Christmas activity we did a couple weeks ago was decorating cookies! Aren't they beautiful?
This kit was perfect for them. Each "big" kid (Vanessa, Natalie, Victoria and Nicholas) had a chance to decorate exactly three of the same cookies.
Here they are hard at work.
Natalie really liked this activity. Nicholas was busy eating the yummy decorations.
Meanwhile, Vanessa could work independently while Victoria only needed a little bit of guidance and help. (And yes, we did have lunch at Burger King earlier that day.)

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