Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Videos

Here are some more recent videos of our girls at home:

Video 317 of Natalie carrying and playing with Lauren again. Making Lauren say "hi" and "bye" is her favourite game for now.

Video 318 of Lauren sitting on the sofa and complaining. She's so sad (and yet strangely cute) when she cries.

Video 319 of Lauren cooing while playing with me. She's starting to become very interactive which is so fun :)

Video 320 of Natalie acting as a cashier. She takes her role as the cashier very seriously.

Video 321 of Natalie playing with Clark and I with her kitchen set and a new tea set from Vivo Yee-yee.


  1. Love the videos! The last link doesn't work...its the cashier one again!