Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Me: "Natalie, that's enough lollipop. Please throw it away now."
Natalie takes it out of her mouth and tosses it in the nearest garbage bin.
She says: "Mommy, you know you can't eat too much candy or chocolate, right? Eating too much candy will break your teeth."

Clark: "Natalie, that's enough TV. Turn it off now, please."
Natalie obeys by climbing off the sofa and pressing the OFF button on the remote.
She says: "Ba-ba, you know you can't watch too much TV, right? Watching too much TV will break your eyes."

Clark is leaving for work. Natalie is quietly eating breakfast while watching some TV.
Clark: "Natalie, when I get to work, I will call you and you MUST turn off the TV, Ok?"
Natalie: "Ok, Ba-ba. Bye, have a good day!"
Clark gets to work and calls home. Suparti picks up the telephone.
Suparti: "Natalie, come talk on the phone. It's Ba-ba."
Natalie (heard by Clark in the background, along with the TV which is still on): "No! I don't want to talk to Ba-ba!"
Suparti: "Natalie, come talk to Ba-ba."
Clark hears Natalie coming to the phone. The phone hangs up.

I am feeding Lauren and realize I have left a chair in the middle of the living room. Natalie comes out from her room.
Me: "Natalie, can you please help me to put the chair back please?"
Natalie (looking surprised): "But I can't do it by myself. I'm just a kid!"

I am sitting at the computer and Natalie is sitting beside me eating blueberries. I take a few blueberries from her bowl and eat them.
Natalie: "Hey mommy, those are my blueberries."
Me: "Sorry, can I have just two more?"
Natalie graciously picks out two more blueberries for me.
Me: "Thanks for sharing, Natalie."
Natalie: "That's ok, but you can't have any more because eating blueberries will help me poo."

Natalie is in the bathtub playing with various plastic bowls and cups.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Natalie: "I'm cooking!"
Me: "Oooh, what are you cooking? It looks delicious."
Natalie: "I'm making tiramisu."
(She must have heard me mention how much I like eating tiramisu from before.)
Me: "Oh wow, I love tiramisu. Is it a dessert?"
Natalie (reproachfully): "No, Mommy, It's tirami-SOUP!"

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