Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cousins Together

Natalie really enjoys spending time with her cousins. Now that they're older, they are beginning to interact independently (without supervision unless fighting breaks out) and really enjoy each other.

See Video 335 of Natalie and her cousins reading with Lisa Yee-yee. Vanessa is busy making funny faces at the camera while the others pay attention to the story.

See Video 336 of one of the videos of Lauren and Michael "interacting". Michael is screeching while Lauren is a bit intimidated and starts to cry.

Here's another Video 337 of Lauren and Michael socializing. Michael studies Lauren while Lauren is intrigued by the cartoon on Michael's bib.

Nicholas, Vanessa, Natalie and Victoria watching Cinderella together under Natalie's princess blanket.
Lauren and Michael sitting beside each other.
Lauren and Michael enjoying some tummy time together.
Nicholas' smile as he carries Lauren while Michael looks on.
Vanessa carrying Lauren.
Vanessa carrying Michael. What a sweet photo!
Another great photo of Vanessa carrying Michael.

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