Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lauren growing and giggling

Lauren is getting cuter and more interactive every day. See videos and photos below:

See Video 338 of Lauren chatting with me and Video 339 of Lauren's first little giggles caught on camera with Suparti.

Also see my current favourite Video 340 of Lauren giggling with Lisa yee-yee.

Lauren's neck has become strong enough for her to sit in the bumbo-sitter. Here she is keeping her cousins company while they eat lunch.
At 4 months, she's interested in the eating process but still doesn't seem ready to start it herself just yet.
Lauren with Suparti. Her hair is getting longer (and crazier) and she is getting chubbier. I love chubby babies!
Now that her neck is stronger, we are letting Natalie and her older cousins carry Lauren more often. Here Vanessa is helping to comb her hair. Not sure Lauren is a fan.