Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lauren's world

As the second child, sometimes we worry about Lauren getting left out because if we had to choose just one child to bring out with us, it would most likely be Natalie since she's older and "gets more" out of being out and about. But lately, we've been doing lots of family stuff and trying to be fair to both our girls. Below are recent photos of Lauren hanging out.

After out-growing her moses basket, we finally gave in and bought a little small crib for Lauren which fits perfectly beside our bed.
Lauren also got a new toy! It's one that lets her bat at objects and also has some flashing lights and music to reward her for a "good job" (as Natalie would say).
Natalie likes the toy, too. Actually, she liked watching and encouraging Lauren play with it more than anything else and frequently asks us to put Lauren "in the toy".
See Video 343 of Lauren (and Natalie) playing with her new toy.

Lauren hanging with Clark.
Proud Ba-ba.
Lauren with Marian yee-yee and holding onto her thumb.
Natalie and Lauren with her 4 cousins over the CNY. It's a zoo! But we love it :)

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  1. Lauren you're so sweet, I wanna pinch those chubby cute cheeks!