Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Real Zoo

A couple weeks ago, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take the whole Wang Gang to visit the Central "zoo" which features mainly monkeys and lemurs.

Lauren, Natalie and Clark looking at something.
Suparti with Lauren.
Suparti and Lauren with a huge bird.
Natalie and Clark looking at the huge bird, too.
Natalie wore a little necklace she made herself from a make-at-home kit.
She was really excited and happy to be out and about.
"It's too bright!" We could hardly open out eyes for this picture with the beautiful flowers in the central garden.
Clark poetically juxtaposed the garden and fountain with the HK cityscape in the background.
A monkey hanging around.
More monkey.
And more monkeys, this time yellow ones.
Natalie enjoyed the view from Clark's shoulder.
Two monkeys hanging around. Listen to them singing in this video.
Big large gorilla.
Ugly hairy creature.
Natalie really liked sitting on Clark's shoulder because it made her really "tall".
Lemurs - feeding time!
Natalie and Clark watching the lemurs eat.
Finally, it's break time. Natalie enjoys and shares her blueberries with us.

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