Sunday, April 17, 2011

KCS Aerobics Day

Every year, Natalie's school (local section) puts on an "Aerobics Day" show where parents are welcome to attend and watch the students perform a dance. This year, I once again joined the paparazzi frenzy in the parents' mosh pit and came away with the below photos and videos.

See Video 349 of the start of Natalie's show where she and her classmates march to the front of the "dancing area" together. It's clear the students have been told they must stand with their feet on either side of the blue line and so many of them are looking at the floor and carefully placing their shoes on either side of the blue line.

Also see Video 350 of the actual performance. Natalie gives me a little smile and overall seems a bit uninterested in doing physical activity, but dutifully follows along with her classmates through the dance.

Natalie seated with her class as they patiently wait for their turn to perform. Natalie and her friend Summer give me little smiles.
Natalie's friend Elsa also gives a cute smile.
The parent-paparazzi mosh pit.
Parents and students.
Nice smile from Natalie.
Natalie and her classmates have lined up and ready to begin!

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