Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthday parties

Below are some photos of Natalie at recent birthday parties. Natalie LOVES birthday parties and as soon as she knows we're going to attend one, she knows we have to bring a gift and that there will be singing and a cake :)

Natalie painting at her friend Summer's birthday party.
Proud Ba-ba watching our budding artiste.

Natalie poses by her masterpiece.

Natalie and all the kids at Tyler's balloon birthday party in Stanley.

Friend Siena sitting together with Natalie.

They had someone come in to show various reptiles and insects to the kids, including this snake. Natalie was so brave being close to this snake.
She also touched these two giant lizards.

And this little frog. She said the frog feels sticky.

Here she is touching another snake. They were dry and smooth.

Lauren and I got up close and personal to the snake, too.

There was also a tarantula spider. Natalie said it felt soft.

And then came Natalie's favourite part... singing and birthday cake! In this case, they had yummy colorful cupcakes.

Natalie nabbed one of her favourite colours... pink!

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  1. Nat you are so brave to touch those snakes and spiders!