Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Lauren

Here are more pics and videos of Lauren. She is growing so fast!

Video 354 of Lauren learning to play with her tongue. This was actually taken in March. Yes, we know, she's a genuis :)

Video 355 of Lauren chowing down with us at Pizza Express. Don't worry, while the adults ate pizza; the baby ate baby food.

Lauren is all smiles with her Ba-ba Clark.
Natalie plays with Lauren while being held by Lisa Yee-yee. Little cousin Victoria looks so cute snuggling up to them.
Lauren, rolling around the couch, somehow got her little hands on my lens cap. She seems to be saying "Do you know what this is?"
Everything fascinates her now, including patterns on my t-shirt, the sun on the sofa, her shadow and anything she can reach out to touch (or eat).
Whatcha looking at, Lauren?
She is playing with her Lisa Yee-yee.
Lisa Yee-yee is lots of fun and knows how to sing a lot of songs and play silly games.

Lauren also gives a nice smile to the camera.

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