Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hanging at home

It's very cliche to say, but kids really do grow up so quickly! Natalie continues to surprise us with how much she understands and Lauren, just 8 months old now, is pretty good at sitting up and also knows how to reach, grasp and play with toys already.

See Video 357 of Lauren sitting up and playing with toys.

Also see photos of both below.

Currently my favourite photo of Natalie and Lauren. They're so sweet together!

Natalie loves her little sister. Lauren always looks surprised.
Lauren sitting and playing with a selection of toys. Many of her toys are the same ones Natalie used to play with when she was a baby, too.

Natalie loves to wear dresses and will try to insist on only wearing dresses when we go out, when we stay home, and even to sleep!
Natalie and Lauren sitting on the couch together. This is from about 1 month ago and Lauren couldn't sit up by herself yet.

Big smiles!

Lauren sleeping. She loves to roll herself over to her tummy now.

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  1. I love Lauren's big happy eyes! And what is it about their obsession with dresses now?? Olivia's the same way, I might as well toss out all her shorts and pants!