Thursday, June 16, 2011

Headband sisters

Everyday Natalie tells me how much she loves her little sister. She likes to play with Lauren and make her laugh. It is super duper cute.

Natalie kindly lent Lauren her Hello Kitty headband while she donned her own pink flower one. They sat on the sofa and posed for some pictures together.
Here big sister Natalie is giving little sister Lauren a nice hug.
Look at how long Natalie is compared to her sister. It's really amazing how big she's grown!
The girls have a ball reading together, too. Natalie will turn the pages and show Lauren the new page. Then Lauren will grab the book and Natalie will say, "No, no, Lauren! If you grab the book, I won't read to you any more!"
More hugs and smiles.

The girls sleeping together.
They are so sweet together.
Natalie really is almost double Lauren's height.

"Lauren is short and I'm tall! Right?" says Natalie.

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