Sunday, June 12, 2011

Natalie's 4th birthday party at Pizza Express

This Saturday, Natalie celebrated her 4th birthday party with family and friends at Pizza Express. All the kids put on chef hats and aprons and made their very own pizzas! Afterwards, we chowed down on pizzas and cakes. All-in-all, a great day. Thanks to everyone who came and for your birthday wishes to our little girl who is now officially a "kid" (and not a "baby" or a "toddler" any more).

See Video 358 of the "Happy Birthday" song.

See more photos from the party by clicking here.

The next round of Junior MasterChefs making pizzas.
Natalie's finished pizza. It was delicious! I'm actually eating a slice now as I'm typing this :)
Natalie and her cousins Victoria and Vanessa wore beautiful princess dresses to the party. The girls are decked out and ready to go!
The Wang Gang family photo during cake time. If Lauren looks grumpy, it's because I pulled her into the photo as she was getting ready to sleep, poor girl.
Sisterly love. Natalie gives Lauren a big hug at the party.

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