Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July BBQ at Uncle Brad's

Today we celebrated the 4th of July at Uncle Brad's. As usual, we had a great time and ate way too much. The girls had a great time, too. Natalie even said to me that she likes coming to Uncle Brad's :) Below are photos exclusively taken by Serena yee-yee and stolen by me. Thanks Serena!

Me and the girls. Nat loves Uncle Brad's bow tie pasta.
Lauren can almost crawl. She's gets around by dragging the rest of her body around behind her. Somehow she manages to chew on a chair leg, a purse and the edge of Brad's sofa. Yum!
Lauren loved Auntie Esther and was totally calm and at peace in her arms. Auntie Esther didn't mind, not even when a drool trail dripped down to her elbows.
The girls hanging with auntie Esther and uncle Zen.
This is my new favourite photo. They are so sweet together!
JC, Clark and Que dig in to home-made cheese burgers. Dee-lish!
I whip up some heavy cream for strawberries.
3 pretty ladies. Natalie has developed a really lady-like smile.
Natalie and Auntie Esther.
Me with new mum Joy and her little husband --er, baby, Avery. Avery is only one month old and looks eerily like his dad so it's easy to get them mixed up.
Thanks again, Uncle Brad! Great way to spend the day :)

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