Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Lauren milestones

With big sister Natalie at summer camp in Toronto, we've had more time to focus on Lauren who is growing super fast and getting more fun every day.

See Video 365 of Lauren crying and getting a bit angry. She's funny when she's upset because she will cry and then STARE YOU DOWN. She's also started to enjoy eating and will cry when the food runs out :)

Also, Lauren can almost crawl! She can already move around by dragging the lower half of her body around, but now she's starting to get up on her knees, too. Also, see her little laughs and smiles in Video 366.

Lauren can also now pull herself up to a standing position in Video 367.

Lauren looking chubby and alert sitting on the table top at TBLS.

Looking cool in fashionably over-sized sunglasses.

And like in a princess in her purple throne.

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  1. lauren you are so cute and pretty! BTW, yes summer did the animal biscuits herself!