Monday, July 11, 2011


It's been a while since the last post because we're in the process of moving apartments AND because on July 7, Natalie flew to Toronto to spend 8 weeks with her cousins and grandparents over the summer holidays.

We miss her and yet we're happy that she is having such a great time. See Video 362 of Natalie and her cousins playing in the backyard kiddie pool and Video 363 of the kids making jewellery together and Video 364 of the kids riding bikes and blowing bubbles in the backyard. Gotta love (and miss) Canadian summers.

Below are some recent photos of Natalie in Hong Kong.

Natalie wearing a mask and doing her fave pose: The "flamingo" (her own terminology).
Natalie and Ba-ba Clark creating a birthday present from Tristan and Tyler... a home-made kaleidoscope! Thanks guys! This is the 2nd present Natalie has opened (only one per week), so more photos to come.
During a school holiday, Natalie invited cousin Nicholas and her friends Siena and Olivia over to play.
Here the girls and boy are water coloring.
Natalie had her second-ever visit to the dentist and she was super brave. He even used the ultrasonic picky thingy to scrape her teeth and held flouride in her mouth for 2 minutes! She's also cavity-free. We're so proud :)
The completed kaleidoscope. Thanks again!
Here's Nat posing with a "cake" she made at school. She loved it and played with this for a while. Funny the things kids like...
Some school pics from the teachers. Thanks for taking such good care of Natalie throughout the school year!
Natalie posing with her "bread".
Natalie concentrating as she makes "bread".
School photo of Nat taken and printed for K2 class.

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  1. Natalie I bet you're having such a fun time in TO! We hope to see you there in August. Great school photos!