Friday, September 30, 2011

New Dress

This may seem cruel, but Natalie recently opened her 3rd birthday present (yes, her birthday party was in June); however, keep in mind that she was away for 2 months (in Toronto) so we haven't had that many weekends for her to open gifts. Also, if you knew how happy she is to open her "presents cupboard" and just LOOK at all her wrapped presents, you would know this is the right decision.

Thank you to Dom, Lieny, Evana and Lauren for the beautiful dress. Natalie loves it!

Big smile from Nat. She's so pleased with her new "princess" dress.

"Isn't it pretty?" She asks. It's a perfect fit, too!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Natalie at School

Since September, Natalie has started school again at KCS (morning) and KCIS (afternoon). For both classes, she has new teachers and, in some cases, new classmates, too. Below are some pics of Natalie with her new KCS K2F class and her good friend Summer (thanks Lily!)

Summer and Natalie standing together and holding hands. So cute!
It's great that they're now old enough to understand the concept of "friend".
Snack time!
Hmm... I wonder how the kids eat the apples? Natalie still isn't great at biting into a whole apple and prefers it peeled and sliced and put in lemon-water so it doesn't turn brown and ugly.

The kids line up for a class photo together.
K2F class. The head teacher is the one in the middle. Can you find Natalie?
Another class shot.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I know, it's been another little while since last update. Here are some random pics (some from Toronto, some since coming back to Hong Kong).

Lauren sitting on a toy in our backyard in Toronto. She's so balanced and coordinated now!

The girls brave the melon garden and pose under one of the bigger guas. They now own LOTS of matching dresses, too.
On the week we returned to Hong Kong, poor Lauren had a case of Roesella (baby measles). High fever and red dots all over, poor girl, but she's better 100% now.
Now that Lauren is better at sitting up, she and her big sis Natalie are taking baths together.
On weekends, Natalie and Clark like to make mini pancakes together. Mmm.. dee-lish!
Porpor stayed for a few weeks to help care for Lauren before Suparti returned from her holiday. Hmm... twins!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wang Gang Hang

Also from June and also discovered on the camera were some photos of our family hanging at home.

Our girls Lauren and Natalie sitting pretty together on the sofa in our old apartment.
Sisterly hug.

Lauren looking alert and pretty.
Lauren does a scrunchy-face smile.
Clark with Lauren. Hmm... maybe her smiley-eyes DO come from Clark?
Wang Gang totem of Clark and his girls.
Wang Family totem - guess who took this great picture?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lauren long eyelashes

It's been exactly one whole month since my last post. We've been on vacation and went unplugged... it was awesome. Now we're back and settling back to regular life in Hong Kong. Here are a few pics I discovered in the camera of Lauren from June 2011. Tons more pics to come!

Lauren has really long eyelashes. Not sure where they came from (not me and not Clark!)

A little chubby foot.
A little hand in my hand. I love little baby parts!