Thursday, September 29, 2011

Natalie at School

Since September, Natalie has started school again at KCS (morning) and KCIS (afternoon). For both classes, she has new teachers and, in some cases, new classmates, too. Below are some pics of Natalie with her new KCS K2F class and her good friend Summer (thanks Lily!)

Summer and Natalie standing together and holding hands. So cute!
It's great that they're now old enough to understand the concept of "friend".
Snack time!
Hmm... I wonder how the kids eat the apples? Natalie still isn't great at biting into a whole apple and prefers it peeled and sliced and put in lemon-water so it doesn't turn brown and ugly.

The kids line up for a class photo together.
K2F class. The head teacher is the one in the middle. Can you find Natalie?
Another class shot.

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