Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's the funnest time of year again for the kids... Hallowe'en! What could be more fun than dressing up and eating lots and lots of candy? Below are some photos of the girls and their cousins Nicholas and Michael in costume.

Our girls Lauren and Natalie: the Pumpkin and the Fairy!
Happy Hallowe'en family and friends!
Lauren kept trying to pull off her hat so we had to squeeze in some quick photos.
Natalie the fairy is flying!
Michael is a pumpkin, too but he's a standing one.
Lauren and Natalie smiling with cousin Michael while Nicholas hangs in the back.
Michael has something in his mouth and Lauren is trying to figure out what he's eating and whether she can steal it from him.
While Nicholas and Natalie watching some TV, we played dress up Lauren and Michael. Michael didn't like being a duck as much as a pumpkin.
Poor Michael... so cute though!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More weekends, more presents

Natalie is excited when weekends arrive because, although she loves school, weekends mean having the chance to open her presents cupboard, carefully examine each wrapped gift and choosing one to open. Thank you to the Huas and to the Hills for gifts opened last week and this week.

Thank you Uncle Kevy, Auntie V, Toby and Caleb for the wonderful girlie cook book and cookie cutters. How did you know Natalie loves to bake?

She helps to make a classic banana bread like this one. We've made it 4 times already and she is super helpful mashing bananas, mixing eggs, creaming the butter and sugar together, and shaking the sifter (and squishing the little flour balls).
Also a big thank you to Olivia and the Ma Hill family for the lovely card and beautiful long dress. It's super comfortable and a perfect "weekend" dress. She wore it just today :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lauren's school application photo

Here is Lauren's school application photo. Hard to believe she's already applying to schools. They grow so fast -- Cliche but true!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another birthday gift opening

Remember how Natalie is only opening one birthday gift per week? At this rate, her gifts will last until Christmas, woo hoo! This week she was SUPER EXCITED to open her gift from the Simmons and discovered a princess-worthy stash of high-heel shoes and jewels. Thanks Mandy, this has you all over it!

Here Natalie is super excitedly posing with her new shoes and princess accessories.

Check out the cute little heels. Natalie wears them at home all the time until her feet hurt. When dancing, one fell off and she said it's ok, princess shoes always fall off, like Cinderella.
The princess crown and a sweet princess-y smile.
The (almost) complete look. She says she doesn't need the earrings because she has real ones, but she's keeping them so her cousin Vanessa can use them next time she visits.

Later, Natalie asked us to put her into another recent birthday gift - this beautiful princess dress. And now the transformation is complete!The little princess with her proud Ba-ba Clark.
And me, too!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Piano and hug

Natalie's begun to show real interest in learning how to play the piano properly so we may sign her up for lessons soon. See Video 373 of Natalie playing her first "song" (it's do-re-mi-fa-so) with proper fingering.

Natalie and Lauren share a hug. So far, it's still mainly Natalie hugging Lauren.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birthday Party

Almost (but not quite!) as good as having your own birthday party is attending one! Lauren's friend Lauren Jang turned one years old a couple weeks ago and invited the whole gang to her party at Rolly Pollies. Thanks Lieny for the invite and the pics (below). We had a great time!

Group photo at the party. Although Lauren is only 1 years old, her big sister Evana also invited her "big girl" friends so Natalie also had other kids to play with at the party.
The two Laurens at the snack table together. Love the little hat on Lauren J.
The Laurens and mums share a photo opp.
There were a lot of activities to do at the party. This big pit of red sponges is great for jumping into!
You can swing from the monkey bars (altho Lauren decided she was too small still).
You can glide down the ramp on the car (or just sit around and watch others do it, like Lauren)
You can sit under the parachute and sing songs as it flutters around.

You can pull yourself up to a standing position by holding the climbing equipment.
And most fun of all, you can swwwiiiiiiinnng yourself on the zip wire into the red sponges pit.

After play time, it's snack time! Even Lauren had a little plate of baby-appropriate treats.
All in all, a great party!