Friday, October 21, 2011

Another birthday gift opening

Remember how Natalie is only opening one birthday gift per week? At this rate, her gifts will last until Christmas, woo hoo! This week she was SUPER EXCITED to open her gift from the Simmons and discovered a princess-worthy stash of high-heel shoes and jewels. Thanks Mandy, this has you all over it!

Here Natalie is super excitedly posing with her new shoes and princess accessories.

Check out the cute little heels. Natalie wears them at home all the time until her feet hurt. When dancing, one fell off and she said it's ok, princess shoes always fall off, like Cinderella.
The princess crown and a sweet princess-y smile.
The (almost) complete look. She says she doesn't need the earrings because she has real ones, but she's keeping them so her cousin Vanessa can use them next time she visits.

Later, Natalie asked us to put her into another recent birthday gift - this beautiful princess dress. And now the transformation is complete!The little princess with her proud Ba-ba Clark.
And me, too!

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  1. You make a beautiful princess! I love your new shoe collection!